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7 December 2016, Comments 0

The Best Finish on a Clipped Horse
Anybody who has ever had a horse with a complete or part clip understands they are a lot easier to keep nicely groomed than a horse with a believe woolly coat – especially when they’ve been rolling in a bit of winter mud! But those that show all winter long, they also know the frustration of attempting to get a good shine on a clipped horse. Those short, thick hairs simply do not seem to ever shine the way a summer jacket does!
But there are a number of tricks – the clippers you’ve in your horse grooming supplies can make a significant difference, and there are a number of other helpful ideas to get a show ring shine on a winter horse.
The first thing you must know is that a horse just cut will be at its least glistening. The short, thick winter hairs will have blunt ends after clipping, and they will not want to lie flat in best horse clippers on the market
How you clip will change how much shine you’ll be able to get. It’s important to clip in small sections, and after each section go over the hairs with a damp brush to get them flat right away. Keep a tidy, soft brush in your horse grooming supplies specially for this particular purpose. Use warm water to smooth the hairs flat after each section is cut. Spraying the hairs with some leave-in conditioner also helps, or you also can place a little baby oil into the water pail to help smooth the hairs down.
When you clip, when you have finished a section and have smoothed the hairs down, make sure you keep your horse warm. A light cotton blanket or sheet laid over the newly clipped sections will not catch the hairs, and will keep your horse cosy – and the hairs flat. Likewise, keep your clipped horse warm before you go into the arena at your show!
To get a superb shine, you require the smoothest possible finish from your clip. If you’re clipping for shows, or clipping often, that means you need to invest in the best horse clippers you’ll be able to manage for your horse grooming supplies. Most major equine clipper suppliers offer both corded and rechargeable models, and each has their own benefits. Cordless horse clippers are usually quieter, and also you do not risk getting tangled up in the cord – or not being able to reach all parts of your horse, so they are great for fidgety or nervous horses. If you do not have simple access to electrical sockets, you may have to choose for a rechargeable version. Corded models hold the advantage that you do not need to recharge them, so if you have a huge horse or one with a really thick coat, several horses to clip, or need to clip frequently, a corded version is likely more suitable.
First, always choose clippers from a dependable maker. This way, you’ll get a superb warranty, and replacement blades will likely be no problem to find. Plus, you could make sure that by sticking with the very best suppliers, like Wahl, Andis, and Oster that your clippers will be safe – and that is important anytime you use electrical products around horses.
Attempt to choose clippers that provide you with a good choice of blades. If you need to clip a very woolly horse, you will have to start with big, broad blades to get through the hair. However, for touch-ups, repeat clippings, and to get the perfect conclusion, you will want to choose the smallest blades you’re able to. That’s why regular clipping is essential for show horses that really need to beam – you want to be

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